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America’s AK47 Specialists

In 2007 a disabled veteran and staunch advocate of the Second Amendment, Toth Tool has been a pioneering presence in the creation of specialized tools for building AK-47 rifles. We have evolved to become a trusted provider of premium tools to a diverse clientele, including individual gun owners, renowned government agencies such as the US Army, and esteemed gunsmiths and manufacturers within the firearms industry.
Headquartered in the Detroit metro area, the heart of Michigan and one of the premier manufacturing hubs in the country, we benefit from the rich heritage of industrial innovation that defines the city. With a strategic location in this dynamic environment, we have honed our capabilities in full machining and injection molding, enabling us to deliver top-tier products that meet the exacting demands of our customers.
Our mission is rooted in delivering tools of unparalleled precision, quality, and reliability, contributing to responsible firearm ownership and the preservation of constitutional rights. With a track record of excellence dating back to 2007 Toth Tool remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower firearms enthusiasts, professionals, and manufacturers alike.

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