AK Bulged Trunnion Barrel Removal / Install Tool

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The AK Bulged Barrel Removal / Install Tool is used to remove the barrel from a bulged trunnion that is not riveted to the receiver and install a barrel into a bulged trunnion that has been riveted to the receiver. The receiver and/or trunnion is held in place by the jaws via clamping pressure. The the threaded rods, hex nuts, and bolt plate mechanically connect the jaws to the driving bolt and brass ram. The driving bolt and brass ram are used to exert force on the barrel to either install it into the trunnion or remove it from the trunnion. The tool kit consists of the following parts: Left and Right Trunnion Retaining Jaws, Bolt Plate, Driving Bolt, Brass Ram, and Hex Nuts (6). (The PSL, RPK and Yugoslavian AK are examples of bulged style trunnions.)

Instructions – Barrel Removal/Installation Tool


  • Threaded rods (3/8-16 x 24″) can be purchased as an add on or the threaded rods can be purchased from most hardware and home improvement stores
  • If using this tool with a longer barrel such as a PSL you will need to purchase 3/8-16 x 36″ threaded rods. We do not offer threaded rods this long but they can be found in most home improvement stores
  • The ideal interference fit between the barrel shank OD and trunnion bore ID is .0005″ to .001″ (.0015″ is the maximum interference fit.) A larger interference fit will make barrel installation difficult and could damage the barrel
  • The front lips of the jaws are for location purposes. The pockets in the jaws are for rivets clearance. These features are not intended to hold the receiver/trunnion during barrel removal or insertion
  • Always use Extreme Pressure grease on all threads and moving parts to prolong tool life

Note: This tool is the bulged barrel tool and is used for only on AK rifles with a bulged trunnion. Depending on which trunnion you are working with you must use the corresponding version of the Barrel Removal / Install tool.


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