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Rivet Set Compatibility Chart

Find out which rivet set is compatible with your build

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Stainless steel reinforced locking points with composite polymer body.


NextGen Pocket Magazine Holster

AK Tools

Pick from a range of tools to help with your custom AK build. We manufacture the highest quality tools. Featuring heat-treated alloy steels and black oxide coating.


No matter which AK your building, we carry the the correct CIP Gauges. 7.62x39 5.45x39, 7.62x54r, and 5.56 NATO. Spend less time searching for gauges, and more time working on your build.

Spare Parts & Accessories

Need to replace a lost part for your tool or need a set of high quality rivets? No problem. We've been around almost two decades and have a wide range of the most commonly need replacement parts as well as the highest quality rivets available.

Need Help

No problem! Drop us a line, we've helped thousands of builders, as well as guns smiths and US government agencies.