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7.62x39 30rd AK Magazine - Steel Reinforced Polymer (with Improved 2nd Generation Follower)

Part Number AK047
7.62x39 30rd AK Magazine - Steel Reinforced Polymer  (with Improved 2nd Generation Follower)
7.62x39 30rd AK Magazine - Steel Reinforced Polymer (with Improved 2nd Generation Follower)
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The Toth Tool & Engineering AK magazine is a high strength polymer composite magazine that is 20% lighter than traditional steel magazines, it is also corrosion resistant due to its all polymer/stainless steel design. The magazine is reinforced with stainless steel in three critical areas, the feed lips, front locking lug and rear locking lug. Testing has shown that polymer feed lips fail when faced with multiple impacts or extreme loads. Imported magazines use a thinner, lower grade, of steel in their feed lip reinforcement causing them to deform and remain deformed when when a heavy load is exerted upon them. The stainless steel rear locking lugs durability is such that during impact testing the trigger guard and magazine catch on rifles have been damaged without failure to the magazines locking lug. In other reinforced magazines steel spines are used as an attachment point for the steel reinforced front locking lug, the spine it self does not require reinforcement as it is inherently durable due to the fact that its cross sectional thickness is greater than any other area of the magazine. Toth Tool & Engineering has designed our stainless steel front locking lug so that it is integral with the feed lip reinforcement (Patent Pending), eliminating the need to attach the front locking lug to the spine of the magazine.  Don't be fooled by the marketing hype from the competition or the nostalgia of import polymer magazines, only Toth Tool & Engineering offers an affordable fully reinforced polymer AK magazine.

This magazine is made entirely in the USA, and when installed in your rifle, counts toward three 922(r) compliant parts.

Features Include:

  • 300 series stainless steel reinforced feed lips with integral front locking point (Patent Pending)
  • 300 series stainless steel rear locking lug and floor plate
  • 17-7 stainless steel magazine spring for improved spring life and corrosion resistance
  • Proprietary polymer composite magazine body construction
  • Anti tilt follower design

*Note: Some rifles have been found to have undersized bolts or loose bolts and or bolt carries, which can cause feeding and reliability issues. While select magazines from various manufactures may work in rifles with bolt size and fitment issues, in these situations the bolt is making limited contact with the head of the round. For safety and reliability rifles with bolt size and fitment issues should be corrected and repaired by a gunsmith that specializes in AK rifles. We cannot accept returns on open or used magazines that do not function properly due to bolt size and fitment.

30rd Magazines cannot ship to CA, CO, CT, DC, HI, MA, MD, NY, NJ, VT, and Cook County, IL